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About Us

Dorathy N. Okon (Deetrillions)

Dorathy N. Okon also known as Deetrillions is a professional and award winning real estate consultant. She has over 5 years experience in selling and helping individuals Create wealth through Real Estate Investment.

With Deetrillion Properties I can help you acquire high value investment  properties that not only meet your taste but also is affordable, free from land grabbers, and verified.

  • Sale of Commercial and Residential Land
  • Sale of Luxury Homes
  • Real Estate Consultancy
  • Real estate Investment
  • Smart Home Installation
  • Real Estate short time investment
  • Land banking / cash back
  • Real Estate long-term investment

1. Property World African Network(PWAN Group)
2. Zylus Group International
3. Gracias Global Properties
4. AY Homes & Investment
5. Landmark Corporate Realty(LCR)

QUALITY: Excellent service delivery

INTEGRITY: No amount is worth our integrity. We choose to do the right thing.

PROACTIVE: We innovate and constantly improve. We get better every day.

TEAMWORK: All for one, one for all. We live every phase together.

AGILITY: We execute expeditiously to address our clients needs.

COMMITMENT: We are committed to providing the highest level of service in ensuring our clients’ needs are met